ATI fglrx video tearing vsync problem with dual-head

I got problem with video playback when using the fglrx drivers as you can tell by the image below.

crappy video

Playing movies which include rapid motions produce these teared video frames. This problem is cause by the missing vsync. Apparently fglrx does not support vsync for xv yet ( fglrxinfo: 2.1.8591 / Driver Package: 8.602-1 / Installer Package: )

You can enable vsync for OpenGL:

sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv
sudo sudo aticonfig --sync-video=on
sudo aticonfig --vs=on

Thus now you can use mplayer -vo gl somefile.mkv to play your movies with vsync enabled. Of course gl output is a lot slower than xv.

Xv currently has no vsync with fglrx, so there is no other way than using opengl as output

Update: That workaround gave me a better image on one monitor (less tearing) but there is still tearing in the image.

If someone knows a solution for this issue please let me know.