Creating an uberjar webapp using jetty and maven

This post is about creating an uberjar webapp. uberjar webapps are executable jar archives that start a server that serves the webapp with one single command. Everything is contained within a single jar.

Inspired by this blogpost ( <a href="">Code</a> ) i created a similar example using maven which you can find here: <a href="">Example Sources</a>.

It contains a uberjar webapp that will be served using jetty. The webapp itself just contains a jersey REST resource. So this project also demonstrates how to get started with jersey.

You can import all projects using the m2eclipse plugins ( Note: You will need 'm2eclipse Extras' if you want to deploy the webapp within your eclipse IDE.

You can package the project using the following command:

mvn clean package

You can execute the following command to start the uberjar dummy server:

java -jar uberjardummy-server/target/uber-uberjardummy-server-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar