SVP with Wine on Linux


  • Wine

  • avconv

  • libx264

  • The installed tools and plugins below

Install SVP using wine

Download and install "SVP": Don’t install MPC or SVPTube. We’ll not need those tools.

wine SVP_3.1.7.exe

For some reason the installation process has not updated the system32 lib. We need to overwrite the dll with the one that was provided by SVP.

cp ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/SVP/Resources/Avisynth/avisynth.dll ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32

Download avs2yuv.exe

Download the ffms2 plugin for avisynth from github.

I used ffms2-2.21-icl.7z and extract the ffms2.dll that matches your architecture.

Download the SVP MVTools

We’ll need the following DLL files from that archiv:

  • libflowsse.dll

  • mvtools2.dll

Place all the mentioned dll’s in one folder.

The folder should now contain:

  • libflowsse.dll

  • mvtools2.dll

  • avs2yuv.exe

  • ffms2.dll

Create a avs script called script.avs which has this content:







finest=pel==1 ? super : MFinest(super)

backward_vec=MAnalyse(super, isb=true, blksize=16, overlap=4)
forward_vec=MAnalyse(super, isb=false, blksize=16, overlap=4)

# I don't know why but these lines are not working for me. My avisync can't parse those lines and aborts
#backward_vec = recalc == 0 ? backward_vec : MRecalculate(super, backward_vec, blksize=8, overlap=2)
#forward_vec  = recalc == 0 ? forward_vec  : MRecalculate(super, forward_vec, blksize=8, overlap=2)

MSmoothFps(super, backward_vec, forward_vec, finest=finest, num=60, den=1, algo=13, sadml=200, blend=false)

Update the placeholder in the script and trigger the processing using:

wine avs2yuv script.avs - | avconv -i - -c:v libx264 -crf 20 -tune film -preset slow -y output.mp4 -f yuv4mpegpipe

The smoothed video will directly be encoded using libx264 and the result will be written to output.mp4. This process only works for the video and you would need to muxin the sound after this process.